Conlangs of the world

Back in the days of 2002 the conlang listserve tired to create a t-shirt with our conlangs on it. After a failed first attempt, I took it upon myself to try and continue with the process. Nearly all of those that were, at the time, involved with the list serve contributed thier languages. In the end I ended up with nearly 100 conlangs.

So to keep that effort alive I have found all the old images and put them below. I have numbered each one with the hopes that those people that contributed will email me to acknowledge which is theirs so I can document it. As well as anyone that would like to add any more to the list.

Each conlang is saying the same thing. "Fight Linguistic Extinction. Invent a Language!" This was chosen after much discussion on the board, it held the power of its call to action as well as a reminder of the fargility of language. I believe it is quite appropriate for the hobbie of Conlanging.

To send me the author information email me at tar_saron AT yahoo Dot com with the subject of "Conlang List ##" ## being the number below obviously. Check out the Sources here.


the following are languages included but i'm unable to determine which script it is or it didn't make it on to the shirts I made.
Chevraqis: satebanen sjiqazie habazu, sjiqaze jachabu. by Yoon Ha Lee
Name??: Nangaditlìfin uiaunnàli wasagiàsali ... saggaglitlìfin! by nik taylor
Name??: Starikte t'boj'tanatan necanais... nartte necanan! by Matt McLauchlin
Chleweyish: fonno fonno beysye cuttit ... fonno djomit by Carlos Thompson
amman iar: nasivas in urgoirvar iardainnion ermaethuliel... nasivas in iar erdaghiel by David Bell
nathya: inhocorwar yadhano nas mesulus... inya nas ethagus by David Bell
Boreanesian: by Kristian Jensen
Valdyan: Ilaini vilesiyt mustay.. ilanea costay! by Irina Rempt
Kurinets: kedavire sarethka kire vitedosaka... rethkata radotjimeka
Vaisiyo (in Vaiysi): Estes tarmenyau lendouvi qevie... horkyau lendi! by Luca
Talarians: FFawto-he tenxwwanusha-can martan-hal : ffarasaahto tenxwwar-can. by Padraic Brown
Talarian: xanto tî tenxwwanuša martancat : ffarasâhto tî tenxwwarcat! by Padraic Brown
Yllurian: venty ty dengymyy ha mererrivana : ddevty ty ta dengumya! by Padraic Brown
Kerno: Da-phuinyamur contre li bucce la morant le cante! - fa yn llingedech. by Padraic Brown
Common Kassi: Pi tëháskunnafë táqë nëngádehas ... tëháskun gëríhas by Nik Taylor
Saalangal: Kyécangyáing as apalim na kaabalu: cásraqyáing kay as apalim by Barry Garcia
Ayeri: Penu tenyanya naranoyena ran! Cu danyās! by Carsten Becker