Roleplaying Games and board games

I have been roleplaying since I was 9 years old, so nearly 30 years now, and I still love it. I have played, ran and created over a 100 different games. I was part of the Independent game design scene for a while, I have played every major brand, and many of the one offs that were created published and died.

I started and ran the largest live action Vampire game in Chicago in the early 90's. It lasted for a good 7 years before it broke apart into many different factions and many died off. One World by Night came about when we started to combine storylines with other cities.

I also enjoy miniature games, the only one I currently play is Warmachine but I used to do Warhammer, Warzone, and Chronopia.

Board games are also a staple of my recreation time. Everything from Arkham Horror to Kingsburg. The depth and breadth of boards games these days makes the old Hasbro type games really boring and childish. I am also developing a board game based on a podcast called Tales of the Extraordinary. Its a pulp style game in the vein of Arkham Horror. I also created a monopoly and risk game based on the setting for Mutant Chronicles.

Digital Art

I also like to play around with 3D modeling software and various other artistic endeavours. I enjoy making maps and have been a memeber of the Cartogaphers Guild for quite some time. I like to take fantasy settings and trying to make them look as real as possible.

I use Photoshop, Vue, Bryce, Cinema 4d, Maya, 3ds Max, Terragen, ZBrush, Poser and any others I can get my hands on to try different things.


I started to teach myself Java as a way to help make creating new languages easier. I have since been part of many popular programs over the years. Namely PCGen, I was one of the early developers, in fact they still use the icon/logo I made as a kind of temporary placement at the time. I still play around with creating simple little programs for my personal use.

I was partner in a web design company for a while, where I learned some Flash among other things.


I have to say I enjoy a good book. People always complain about not having the time to sit down and read, I believe thats a bunch of bull, you can always find the time to do something you love and I have 7 bookselfs full of the stuff I love.